Bradford Cover
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A Thousand Clowns -- Broadway Revival 2001

"Bradford Cover is superbly uptight."
-Clive Barnes, New York Post
"As the stiff Albert, Bradford Cover does not lose the underlying decency and pathos."
-John Simon, New York Magazine
"The best work comes from Cover as the squirming Albert."
-Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

Syracuse Stage -- Spike Heels

“Cover moves Andrew effortlessly from adorable clueless to admirably outraged, to less likeable places.”
- Angele Newman, House Lights
“Cover Captures the character immediately and maintains it honestly throughout.”
- CNy Theatre News
“Cover defines his character more with nuance and subtext than his actual lines. His Andrew has more spunk and self awareness than Rebeck might have allowed him.”
- James McKillop, Syracuse New Times

Cleveland Playhouse --

The Importance of Being Earnest

"Bradford Cover is a nearly ideal Algy. He has a facility and command of expression and movement that convincingly suggest the attractive layabout-town of the day."
-James Damico, Free Times
"Bradford Cover has the style down perfectly. He is the quintessence of naughty charm. And he carries his insouciance nobly throughout."
-Marianne Evett, Plain Dealer

The Blue Room (2003)
“Cover is very adept in his chameleon male roles…Cover more than delivers as the student with overactive hormones.”
-Fran Heller Arts
“Cover is remarkably transformed…In the talented hands of Cover and Frankovich this piece is very well done.”
-Kerry Clawson Akron Beacon Journal
“Cover is hilarious as a playwright seducing a drugged model.”
-Teddi Gibson-Bianchi Sun Press

The New Jersey Shakespeare Festival

Measure for Measure
"I suspect that Cover finds more humor in Shakespeare's lines than have ever been exposed before."
-Simon Saltzman
"Best of all is Bradford Cover's Lucio, a good old boy who swaggers knowing that he has all under control - and is even more amusing when he finds he doesn't."
-Peter Filichia, Star-Ledger
"The evening's best moments come from the secondary, comic characters: Bradford Cover's Lucio is a minor gem of the comic."
-Stuart Duncan, Princeton Packet

Love's Labours Lost
"Bradford Cover, as the rustic Costard, steals comedy honors."
- The Princeton Packet
"Bradford Cover is very funny as the clown Costard."
- Allen Crossett Recorder Publishing

St Michael's Playhouse

Private Lives
“Cover’s ironic and often sarcastic, portrayal of Elyot is simultaneously sympathetic and heartfelt. It is moments such as Elyot’s slow and thoughtful realization that Amanda is his newly married balcony buddy that make the show move.”
-Eboni Booth, Burlington Free Press
“Particularly effective is Bradford Cover as Elyot…Cover reveled in his seemingly superficial role, never falling into the trap of camping it up.”
- Jim Lowe, Montpelier Times Argus

Charley's Aunt
“Bradford Cover is a wonderful farceur with split-nanosecond timing, and his presence certainly was a theatrical pleasure."
-Dan Wolfe, Shelburne News
"The leading role must be played by a gifted comedian and Bradford Cover has gifts to spare. His womanly affectations are superb, his comic bits push right to the edge, and yet his closing lines show us sincerity as well."
-Charles McMeekin, The Herald


The Pearl Theatre Co. N.Y.C.

Arms and The Man
“Cover has an appealing offhand delivery…”
- Neil Genzlinger, New York Times
“Mr. Cover is a fine comic actor,”
-Joy Goodwin, The New York Sun
“Bluntshli is being done, and done wonderfully, by Bradford Cover, a born leading man…”
-Joseph Hurley, Irish Echo
“Bradford Cover is excellent.”
-Gene Kilik, Town and Village
“Thankfully, Bradford Cover, as Bluntschli, performs with a minimum of histrionics and an improbable dignity given the character’s surroundings.”
-Sam Thielman, Backstage
“Bradford Cover is a standout! His reaction to the final moment in the play is priceless.”
-NY Hotlist

Mrs. Warren's Profession
"Bradford Cover pretty much steals the show as Frank, Vivie's charming, good-for-nothing suitor."
-Wilborn Hampton The New York Times
"Bradford Cover invests Frank with crackle."
-Edward Karam, Stages

Richard II

"Richard II loves showing off; for him every event is a new role, exploited by Cover with skill and grace."
-Michael Feingold, Village Voice
"Cover's Richard evolves affectingly from a confident monarch to a miserable prisoner."
-The New Yorker
"Shakespeare classifies Richard II as a tragedy, and Bradford Cover's excellent performance in the title role helps us understand why."

When Ladies Battle
"Bradford Cover has a presence and a strong voice that command attention."
-Vincent Canby, New York Times
"Bradford Cover manages to be a funny bully with nary a shade of camp."
-This Month on Stage

"In a generally strong cast Bradford Cover stands out delivering an excellent performance as Bentley Summerhays."
-Wilborn Hampton, New York Times
"Bradford Cover gives an outstanding performance."
-Gene Kilik, Town & Village

Beaux Stratagem
"Bradford Cover, does a standout job as Scrub, a comic servant with a heart of polished pewter."
-Thomas M. Disch The Daily News

School for Scandal
"Bradford Cover is particularly fine."
-The New Yorker
"Bradford Cover finds some lovely smarmy depths in the hypocritical Joseph Surface."
- John Hammond

"Particularly effective is Bradford Cover as both Teiresias, the elderly prophet, and Haimon, the rebellious son."
-David Rosenberg, Back Stage

Berkshire Theatre Festival

An Empty Plate at the Cafe du Grand Boeuf
"Bradford Cover is a joy as Antoine, a bright-eyed enthusiastic young man. Cover is wonderful at making the man's flaws funny without being condescending. He adds a gentle dignity to Antoine that earns our respect."
-Bob Goepfert, The Record

Bowman Ensemble, Baltimore, MD

The Fan
"Bradford Cover is superb as a conniving count."
-Winifred Walsh Evening Sun

The Philanderer

"Actor Bradford Cover has been a resident company member of the Pearl since 1994, but it’s doubtful if he’s ever come across as successfully as he is playing Leonard Charteris. He gives a flawless performance, which centers and balances the play to perfection."

-The Irish Echo

"Cover, doing his most striking work to date, invests the unheroic hero with a greasy, mop-haired, freewheeling raffishness that perfectly matches the wicked charm of the character's attitude. "

-Michael Feingold/Village Voice

Twelve Pound Look

"Cover is a perfectly polished oaf."

-Catherine Rampell/NY Times

"Cover is hilarious."

-Helen Shaw/Time Out